10000 unique fighters ready to rumble on the Ethereum Blockchain

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Welcome to
Lucha Libre Knockout

Six of the baddest academies on the block will enter their most ruthless fighters into the Lucha Libre Knock Out, the biggest and most brutal wrestling tournament in the world. LLKO is a collection of 10,000 Luchadores NFTs—unique ERC721 collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Luchador will represent one of these six academies. Get ready to smack talk, sling mud and drop elbows, because it's about to go down! Do you have what it takes to call yourself Luchador?Ownership includes creative & commercial rights of your Luchadores

fair price

Fair Distribuition and more

All LLKOs will be available for minting for 0.06 ETH. After 60% is sold, you will be able to choose one of the six academies to represent. Lines will begin to be drawn in the sand as the academy leaders begin to fight for your allegiance, and you will be able to decide which academy you join forces with! Face off against other academies in events and find out who will reign supreme, and who will get choked out.

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Once you've chosen your academy, your background will be updated to reflect your choice. Plot and scheme against your opponents in your academy specific Discord channels, and form winning strategies to overcome challenges!

The Project


20% SOLD

- Off the top rope! 10 Lucky Lucha Libre holders will receive a special airdropped fighter!

- 10ETH goes to the community wallet for future development.

40% SOLD

- 10 lucky holders will receive original sketches from the Artist behind Lucha Libre Knockout.

- 10 more ETH is added into the community wallet!

60% SOLD

- Welcome to the Academy! Our devs will create the Academy system. You will choose 1 of 6 Academies for your Luchador! When you do, the background around your fighter will change to represent your team!

- 10 lucky holders will receive hi res prints of illustrations from the artist.

80% SOLD

- What is your name? The naming system will be introduced! Welcome your Luchador to the family by giving them a name!

- Can you handle the smack talk? Each Academy will nominate a contestant to take on the other Academies in the Lucha Libre Meme Off. The winner of the corresponding Academy will receive Airdrops of championship belts!

100% SOLD

- Merch distribution begins for our holders.

- 30 ETH will be used to start the Luchadores Game development, a graphic novel and to buy Luchadores off the floor (Those will later be distributed back to the community!).

From Luchadores to Luchadores

Our Team

These are the Luchadores that broke a sweat to bring this project to you





3D Master

3D Artist


Product Designer